Preparing Children for the 21st Century: Dramatic play developing The 4Cs.
Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication.

About Us

REAL SPECIAL EDUCATION, A Commitment to Educate for the 21st Century.

DEX102At REAL SPECIAL EDUCATION, we are committed to providing you with highest quality materials to support teachers in the most important labor that exists: preparing new generations of citizens to successfully integrate themselves into the changing society of the 21st Century.

The “Three Rs” (Reading, WRiting and ARithmetic) that were so important in society 50 years ago, are no longer sufficient to prepare our children for the complex changes of this modern world. The world today is fast evolving and there is little comparison to the American Society of the 60’s and 70’s. The citizen of the 21st Century, besides being proficient in the three Rs, must also be proficient in Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration and Communication. (The “4C’s”).

Modern society requires that people be able to think critically, collaborate, and communicate effectively in order to succeed. The acquisition of the “Three Rs” and The “4C’s” will ensure that the student of today will be better equipped and prepared to enter into the modern economic world, and progress harmoniously.

We, at REAL SPECIAL EDUCATION, aim to create opportunities for early childhood teachers to implement and enhance the use of Dress-Up for activities that are oriented to developing Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. Our products lend themselves to this very important part of the child’s development and are also great for homeschooling families as well as parents who want to enhance the lives of their young children.

We offer a variety of educational materials from DEXTER EDUCATIONAL for dramatic play and activities that involve the development of The 4C’s. Our educational materials are of a very high quality, MACHINE WASHABLE, non-toxic and proudly made in America.